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Le Festin du Lion

by Herrschaft

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Technosatan 05:40
All hail Technosatan. Come to hear, Children have no fear. At the game of gaining souls, I’ve been winning for years old friend. Look what I’m bringing, all they want is in my hand. U what u have ? I think I’ll let you wondering while all the children are dancing in a circle with me. Satan! The whole world at the touch of a finger well you can’t blame me really if they do crazy shit with it. Coz all I wanted was to show them freedom and a deep world to play in. Oh, still mad at me for this fuss with the apple, aren’t you? At the game of gaining souls, I’ve been winning for years my friend. You’re too old for this, I have to say you lost the hand. Give them what they need, come on You just don´t get it, it’s a fast world now, grandpa, and you’re outdated. Obviously, this round is mine but I hate to see you sad, let’s wipe it away and start a new one. I’ll be a nice player, I want to gamble again, first one to ten is the winner. You seem to be worried bro, I feel bad about this, please tell me we’re still buddies yo. Coz no one is forcing them, they choose their way, I’m pretty sure they’ll choose yours ! … One day.
Yeah you know why you should keep lowering your eyes to my bearded fortress. Yeah I’m inked, yeah I’m studded, I’m a sweating symbol of pure recklessness. I got the attitude, I got the attributes, my ride is hot and screams under my balls. Making noise when bitch is around, just to show who’s the boss. Never show the truth, what comes through the keyhole. I’ll make your tattoos scream. I’m strong, I’m tall, I got more hair on my dick than everywhere you shall. Check buddies spank booties fist bodies that’s how real men do. One brother in front, one brother behind, rocking for friendship of a new kind.
Stray Dog 04:02
Acta Deos numquam mortalia fallunt. You’re so glad, bullshit is your only rule. Fucking wives of so-called friends like a stray dog. Your warmful mask, attitude as only goal. Trampling in Paradise, wiping your dick on the wall. Unwrapping the world like a luxurious gift. Already bored of what’s in it. Your distorted face with an unfading smile, escaping the headsman. In the end, you’ll find yourself dried and empty, as pitiful as a stray dog. The wheel will turn and I’ll be there to stab you, like all the others you’ve been pissing on. Die like a Stray Dog !
But I Know 04:45
Treachery- I’ve pierced the great secret. The power unseen, unveiling the masquerade. But I know that all is here, between the lines. You all are sheep with no future, exploited masses, unnoticing that the true masters are these guys with glasses. Alone and cleverer, I see the signs they are leaving, illuminati are under, twin towers still standing. So they think we don’t know the truth. I’ve seen the forbidden, I know they’re after me, for hacking the Master plan of Coudenhove-Kalergi. I have to disappear and hide before they wash my brain. Homeless and always moving, searching for symbols in vain.
La bête en moi ne connait pas le sommeil. Il suffit qu’un simple bruissement de soie ne la réveille. Enivrée par l’effluve elle se dresse et attend, se tient prête à l’affut des reflets du nylon. Tant de chair pâle exposée à la vue. Au diable la morale, tout y contribue. Bois sans soif, toi roi des connards. Qui la mise ramasse sous tous les regards. Les charognards s’effacent devant le lion enorgueilli gorgé de sang, le festin l’attend. Dentelle et bas couture sont faits du malin. Au diable la morale, car tout nous appartient. Il suffit d’écarter, de pousser, mordre, se tendre, entrouvrir les portes pour saisir l’offrande. La chair mise à nu, envie cannibale. L’appel de la nuit, sers-toi sur l’étal. Tout ce que tu cherches t’attend là-bas, et la reine conquise a fait son choix. Le festin est là.
The piercing sound of these seed-eaters punks is tearing me apart. Djembes and rebel songs get on my nerves I cannot take more. Sitting in the dark, nervously in sweat, waiting for the moment right, rifle by the stock I wait. You are the enemy, and you’re in line of my Bushnell. Dare to go past the limits, trigger will do it well. Stuck in a world where new dwellers took my place. The army of me determined to make some space. In my killdozer I’m ready to make some space. Juggle well flaming bolas, you make a nice target. I’ll take down every one of you, victory for the Rednecks. Let me pimp your fireworks and celebrate new order, before the end of the world.
I can see you behind this smokescreen, I can feel you thru my blurred eyes. Beat is just wrecking my senses.Tension breaking ears and fences. Grayout flaccid bodies melting. Your lips close and cold as ice. I surrender to your offering. Thrusting instinct over lies. It’s vacuity versus pride, through smoke only hollow eyes. Dancing without an ounce of class we’re waving like repulsive magnets. Disembodied bones copulating in a pathetic stance. This smell is still just around here. Burning bodies under lights. Beat is just wrecking my senses. Sticking to it before I faint. So vain I see through, so wretched I want you.
The cherished gift of life, the most ambitious of all my creations. Interleaved circles and shining souls. The cherished gift of intelligence, Limitless path to knowledge and wisdom, to understand how we could find each other, and prove that you would be my worthy son. The messages I sent, you misunderstood all, I felt you grow from my flesh, I saw you trample my word. Unwanted organism, a scavenger’s nightmare, spreading and adventitious from my proudness became a cancer. Growing to degeneration. You stained my immaculate world from galaxies to atoms, you stuffed the devouring snake with its own tail. You stole my name and used it to create false icons, each day showing me just how I failed. The great fire will come, purification will come, the Infection soon be gone, I have found an antidote. Deceiving heir, kept spreading, miserable and annoying. The faith I had now is gone, I don’t want you anymore, I’m tired of playing with you son. I’m sick of you, I wish you disappeared. I’m bored of you, I wish you disappeared. Spreading disease, now I want you to die ! The cherished gift of energy now is about to become your doom. For Gaia still remembers and will give back its wounds.
Come and take a bottle with you, bring some gasoline, join the circle for a binge to remember. Partying like Russians while drinking White Russians is the motto of all its members. Rules are clear, just go die and party hard. Neverdead, just go die and party hard. For the crew, just go die and party hard. Never kneel to anyone, and never let someone down. Always holding some glass of shit, do you want some, we keep the other hand close to the heart. We may puke all around but never let a friend down, standing still, till the daylight, for Satan. Worship vynils and tapes, put the volume louder, all the rookies honor the names on their back. Feeling the pills in our heads, we raise the beers to the dead, following our dreams wherever they are. Look high in the blue sky, and pray to our memories, brothers and allies sitting close to me. Feel the ink burn your skin everytime you remember, let everyone wear my marks as a legacy. Where my name will be engraved, where my soul will be releaved, as I am the Neverdead, still forever the rookie.
Hate Me 03:56
It has been so long now, waiting for a sign from you. A little bit of interest. I came to wish that if I died, I fell in darkness for you, would you turn you head onto me at the end ? It’s a brutal game, pernicious and wicked to earn your caring love and attention. But revelation came, It’s been written that you’ll suffer, that hate will tear out the passion that I deserve. So many years have passed waiting for anything, so many years just to feel empty. Hate me dear, I’ll feel, I’ll feel alive. My love is a flower which needs your tears to water which needs your pain to blossom which needs your hate to grow higher, I said my love is a flower, of which your hate gives the colors, its roots go deep into your heart, I will make you suffer.


released June 21, 2019

Behold our very special guests without whom this record would have been of much lesser value:

-Baptiste Bertrand for his desperate high pitch screams on The White Russians
-François Duguest for his tremendous piano solo on How Real Men Do
-Dany Boy & Jessy Christ for their cold vibes of dark voices in Hate Me
-Roxane & Tess for their sweet children voices on Technosatan
-Shaârghot for impersonating god himself on The Great Fire
-El Worm for his hungry voice on Le Festin Du Lion


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Herrschaft Paris, France

HERRSCHAFT was born at the end of year 2004 from the eager of its four members to melt their passion for extreme Metal and Electro/Indus genres on a single experiment.
HERRSCHAFT is about to break a five-year silence by digging once more in human’s mind, now in a more introspective, raw and perverse manner withe their new album : "Les 12 Vertiges".
HERRSCHAFT is now ready to sound louder than ever
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